Knorr Taste Quest 2, Episode 15: Season finale

The final five contestants competed for the ultimate prize of a brand new eco sports ford car courtesy of Coscharis motors, two million naira, kenwood kitchen equipments and cartons of Knorr. The final five contestants were: Kunbi, Nwando, Bode, Ojo and Popoola.

Brief: we were to make a three-course meal in one hour thirty minutes and serve them in the specific plates given.

Compulsory ingredients:

Starter:  corn, live catfish, live electric fish, cous cous, avocado, garlic, green garden egg, quinoa and attarodo.

Entrée: fetuccine, jasmine rice, lamb rack, bread fruit, plantain, pumpkin, zucchini, aubergine, yellow bell pepper, leeks, lemon and dark chocolate.

Dessert: mango, sweet melon, knorr, sugar, flour, butter and garri.


Popoola was fourth runner up, Ojo third runner up, Bode second runner up, I first runner up and Dixon was the winner of Knorr Taste Quest season two!

Dixon made:

Starter: “Quinoa and rice fritter served with avocadoes and corn salsa and sweet chili.”

Entrée: “Chocolate glazed rack of lamb, with fried rice and pepper sauce.”

Dessert: “Crumble with a fruit dressing on top.”

I made:

Starter: “Quinoa and cous cous crusted fish with an avocado and garden egg sauce.”

Entrée: “Fettuccine and rice stir-fry with pan seared lamb chops and steamed then fried bread fruit.”

Dessert: “Sweet melon and mango crumble with mango cream in a pool of melba sauce.”

Lessons learnt:

  • Learn to use smaller amounts of ingredients, that way your food is tastier.
  • Learn to calm down and make a clear, strategic concise plan before cooking. Don’t be thrown off balance by the task ahead and ingredients.
  • Always taste your food combinations to see if they makes sense.
  • You can almost never go wrong by adding a sauce.
  • Utilize time well so that you have time for exquisite plating and presentation.
  • Always remove bones from your fish fillets.
  • I learnt how to kill catfish and electric fish while chasing after the cat fish and being shocked severally by the electric fish, lol with all due respects. However, it’s basically by using a towel to stabilize the slippery body of the catfish then stunning it by hitting it on the head and then severing the head immediately for humane and swift killing. For the electric fish you basically sever the head swiftly but first you have to secure it with a dry cloth to prevent shocking. After this you have to wait for some minutes before you start filleting it as it still shocks after death. I learnt this the hard way.

from left to right Bode, Dixon, Mannie, Lalu, Patricia and Nwando


Some of the ingredients

Electric fish

Live electric fish


Live Catfish











Dixon's food

Dixon’s food

Nwando's food

Nwando’s food

Ojo's food

Ojo’s food

Popoola's food

Popoola’s food

Bode's food

Bode’s food


Me forming I no send, lol


Hmm, tension sets in


And the winner is… Dixon!


Yipee! Girls rule, congrats Dixon




Chef Fregz

Chef Renee

Chef Renee


Dr. Roberts


Unilever managers and I


Bode and the crew


Smiling tinz






The three musketeers


Star prize





Knorr Taste Quest 2, episode 14: Redemption challenge


Today the ten contestants who had been removed previously competed for the fifth position in the finals. However they didn’t know about this so were absolutely caught unawares.

Brief: In 70 minutes, the contestants were told to make a 4-course meal with the ingredients.

Compulsory ingredients:

  • Starter: liver, beetroot, ugu and starch.
  • Entrée/main:  sour-sup and tatashe
  • Second course: cabbage and banga
  • Dessert: papaya and pineapple


Ojo won by making

-Crispy spring rolls for starter

-Sour-sup and tatashe vermicelli carbonara for entrée

-Cabbage, banga and potato soup for second course

-Pineapple, papaya and starch tart for dessert.

In addition, Antia’s food was noted for its presentation but the portions were too big. Doom’s flat bread stuffed with beetroot chutney was nice but too sweet for an appetizer. Her food was also good but she didn’t finish the brief.

Lessons learnt:

  • One thing I realized is that flavour is very important as you basically have one bite full to prove yourself in terms of taste while presentation is an overall look.
  • Your plating must be neat, sharp and attractive.
  • Creativity is displayed in your skills and techniques. Set yourself apart from the others. Practice in this area will definitely make perfect.