Knorr Taste Quest 2, episode 14: Redemption challenge


Today the ten contestants who had been removed previously competed for the fifth position in the finals. However they didn’t know about this so were absolutely caught unawares.

Brief: In 70 minutes, the contestants were told to make a 4-course meal with the ingredients.

Compulsory ingredients:

  • Starter: liver, beetroot, ugu and starch.
  • Entrée/main:  sour-sup and tatashe
  • Second course: cabbage and banga
  • Dessert: papaya and pineapple


Ojo won by making

-Crispy spring rolls for starter

-Sour-sup and tatashe vermicelli carbonara for entrée

-Cabbage, banga and potato soup for second course

-Pineapple, papaya and starch tart for dessert.

In addition, Antia’s food was noted for its presentation but the portions were too big. Doom’s flat bread stuffed with beetroot chutney was nice but too sweet for an appetizer. Her food was also good but she didn’t finish the brief.

Lessons learnt:

  • One thing I realized is that flavour is very important as you basically have one bite full to prove yourself in terms of taste while presentation is an overall look.
  • Your plating must be neat, sharp and attractive.
  • Creativity is displayed in your skills and techniques. Set yourself apart from the others. Practice in this area will definitely make perfect.



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