Puff puff

This is like the easiest snack to make in the whole wide world.


1kg flour 

300g sugar

2 tbs yeast

4 cups water


Assemble ingredients 

Measure them

Place in a bowl

Add water and mix

Leave to rise in a warm place for an hour or doubled in bulk.

Mix to remove excessive bubbles.

Fry in hot oil.

When one side is browned, flip over.

And here you go

Teriyaki beef


Teriyaki beef with grilled bell peppers and red onions.


After seasoning the bell peppers and red onions with soy sauce, black pepper and knorr, add few drops of oil and chargrill in a hot griddle. Till it looks like this…


Next I had marinated beef strips (shredded beef) overnight with Soy sauce, brown sugar, pepper, salt, ginger and garlic. Also added Knorr and Cameroun pepper for the Nigerian kick. I then pan seared it in a lightly oiled pan.


The brown sugar gives it lovely caramelization.

Next toast beniseed/ sesame seed


Incorporate everything together with stock made from water, corn starch slurry (little corn starch mixed with water), any of the seasoning you used before, sesame oil and sweet chili sauce. Bring to boil for 5 minutes.


Sorry picture no clear : )


Serve on a bed fluffy and not al dente rice. And its good with any rice: basmati, short grain, long grain, local, foreign, ofada, brown, wild, tuwon shinkafa rice or what have you.



Rustic Coconut Rice


Voila! my Sunday ensemble.


So I fried onions in vegetable oil then added dried fish and beef stock and seasoned with salt, knorr and cameroun pepper.


Then I added the coconut powder to get this


Next you …


Add the par boiled rice and out comes this



3 Kg must go!

Put on 3 kg and trying to lose it so having fruits and vegetables during the day.


Lunch of grilled chicken and Vegetables.


Breakfast of green tea and smoothie.

Then orange segments and sweet n spicy kuli kuli (snack made from residue left after extracting oil from peanuts) to snack on when I’m peckish.