Hi, my name is Nwando and I’m a food activist. Yes, you guessed right, I fight for the rights of food, lol. Whether it’s food safety, food policy, food security, food recipes, just say my name. I’m passionate about all things food but have a soft spot for Nigerian food and dream of putting Nigerian cuisine on the World gastronomic map.Whatever questions you have about food, bring it to my table and you’ll have your answers. Thanks for visiting my blog and I do hope you stop by again.

Yours foodfully.

P S.

My best food is yam : )




36 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow!! This all looks very Yummy! Enjoying it already. Here’s to a foodifull year ahead! I’m all for pgfs!!! Hail fellow ‘activists’

  2. Nwando its a shame u can’t post food 2 me from your blog but I sure like the looks of what I see. Keep it up and we’ll keep our mouths watering.

  3. Nice to meet you Nwando. I am glad you love everything food, like me. You have a lovely blog. Have a wonderful week!!! and thank you for liking my post!!!

  4. Met u @ a food event & tot i’d seen u all. It’s great 2 know dis part of u. I commend ur endeavours. I have no doubts -u’d get 2 d top. It’s just a matter of vry little time. Meanwhile, keep d food flag flying.

  5. It’s great to confirm, once again, how spot-on my instincts are. Nwando, i believe you are going beyond imaginations in this food endeavor. I met you, on a food platform; and knew there’s something so strong about about you on food-stage. All i can say is that you are an unfolding phenomenon. You have a big fan in me.

  6. This is amazing! Nice intro too. I’m just seeing your blog after watching you on Knorr Quest and I’m wondering where I’ve been all along! You should have seen how I dashed out from my room when I heard Mannie call ‘Nwando Onuigbo!’ Lol! So proud of you jare. God’s grace is sufficient for you, the grand pize is yours, amen!
    As per questions, pls be expecting lots from me, I still remember an advise you gave me that turned my salad around. Thanksss

  7. Wow! Nwando, this is amazing! the intro is perfect! i’m just seeing this after watching you on Knorr Quest Show, and i’m wandering where i’ve been all along. You should have seen the speed at which i dashed out of my room when Manny called ‘Nwando Onuigbo’. Lol! So proud of you jare, I know by the grace of God, the grand prize is yours, Amen!

    I can’t wait to start trying out your special recipes, thanks so much for sharing! 🙂
    its indeed going to be a foodful year….

    • Hello skyhigh, No I am not in Lagos but Abuja but good news is that I train people. And I could still do that for you via the net since you are in Lagos.

  8. Obidiya…Nice work you are doing in the kitchen and off the kitchen. When do I get to taste some of these?
    Keep making we Nigerians proud of our country.

  9. congratulaions Nwando, you have done us proud, never doubted for day your incredible abilities. No llimits, God keep, guide and bless always.

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