Knorr Taste Quest Season 2, Episode 3: The battle begins


Welcome to the chronicles of KTQ 2 by a contestant; yours truly aka Nwando Onuigbo : ) Here I intend to give you the inside scoop of the cooking competition and lessons learnt while hoping to inspire you food wise.

The show is somewhat like ‘Chopped’ or ‘Masterchef’ and the idea is that the contestants use the basic ingredients given in combination with others from the wet and dry goods pantry to make the courses specified. This is to be executed in the given time with each course presented on four plates for judgment. Food is judged on taste, presentation, creativity and use of the basic ingredients.

The show was organized by Unilever Plc, makers of Knorr® and co-sponsored by Coscharis motors and Kenwood electronics. The judges were Dr Roberts, Chef Fregz (Gbugbemi Fregene) and Chef Renee (Renee Chuks) while the host was Manny of Cool FM.

The first two episodes were basically audition and selection so we start from the third. This was our first cooking contest and we didn’t know what to expect but by the end of the day 2 contestants were chopped! Hot just got hotter indeed.


We were to make a hot tasty dish in 40 minutes using all the ingredients and knorr.


  • Liver
  • Tomatoes
  • A cocktail of peppers; sweet chili peppers, hot spicy peppers and green pepper.
  • Onions
  • Lemon
  • Rice

It was a hot battle indeed and the verdict had me going to the next round while Antia and Veronica were chopped and Victor came out on top winning twenty thousand naira.

His food was beautifully plated and tasted good. He made compound rice stuffed in pan roasted bell peppers, with a stir-fried liver sauce and a sweet chili relish. He used the lemon in the sauce, in the rice and to marinate the liver. In the rice he put some butter, cream and knorr chicken. I on the other hand made a risotto style rice with pan fried liver surrounded by a piperade sauce.

Lessons learnt:

  • Don’t overcook liver, the longer you cook it, the harder it becomes. Animal protein (meat or fish) is the usually the star of every meal so cook to perfection to have it tender and juicy.
  • Food should not be too peppery (hot). Just a hint brings out the best flavors. Same goes for salt and other seasonings or spices.


Image                       k



You can watch the video below:


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