Dinner for two

Dinner for two

This Valentine, why not try a two course meal of al-dente rice with beef and bell pepper stir-fry and agbalumo pancakes with butter scotch sauce.


4 thoughts on “Dinner for two

    • Yay! Bukky, kwana biu. Nice to hear from you. Its just your basic pancake recipe then you blend some agbalumo with honey or sugar (I dont really send honey) add to the batter and fry as usual.

  1. I didnt get to make this on val (trust Lagos lockdown), but when I finally did on saturday, it was cool. For the agbalumo pancakes, after mixing the regular pancake mix, I squeezed in all I could, then threw in some of its flesh and fried it. The result was sweet pancakes with occasional sour tangs which was ok. I wasn’t bold enough to use up to 1 agbalumo for pancakes for 2 though!
    What is your recipe?

    • Wow, lovely. I am so glad u tried it. Sorry I am replying late. I do it by blending the agbalumo (udala). I actually dont put much myself. However the more udala you add, the more honey or sugar you will have to add. Trust you had a lovely Valentine dear. Thanks

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