What to cook for Christmas 2

Hi everyone! hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. I told you I was going to post pictures of what I made for Christmas so here goes:


From top to bottom and from right to left, the small chops are as follows: Apple and raisin pies, puff puff, turkey wings, chinchin, salad, gizdodo, yam croquettes, chili jam, samosa, spring rolls, sausage rolls and tamarind chutney. I also made coconut and goat meat rice but couldn’t be bothered to put them on the table.


Brought Amarula and wine to the table.


Same pix but another dimension.


Baby insisted we decorate a cake for her even though it wasn’t her birthday so we did just that, after all it’s Christmas!


Just love the excitement on their faces.


We REALLY, REALLY enjoyed the small chops and zobo chapman.


5 thoughts on “What to cook for Christmas 2

  1. True we really really enjoyed but how come so little was said about the chapman…tasted just like the food drink for future champions!!!

  2. Nwando you did a fantastic job cooking all this!!! it was and awesome Christmas celebration. You also made coconut rice and Wura made the salad with a little help from me πŸ™‚ gracistsumbuli.wordpress.com

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