Food adventure: Dinner @ Wakkis


It was Wura’s birthday so her lovely hubby took us out to Wakkis; an Indian restaurant in Abuja known for delectable Indian and oriental cuisine served à la carte. I was so excited coz I had heard so much about Wakkis but had never been there.

Prior to this I had been looking for money to go on a food adventure so you can imagine how I leaped at the opportunity (you know now, awoof no dey run belle). The last time I went on a food adventure, I had so much fun.

Opened in 2000, Wakkis is a hit dining spot where a lot of dignitaries have come including the famous Don King. The menu offers a variety of chicken, lamb, sea food and vegetarian courses and the ambience is great!

Theirs is a showmanship kitchen that allows the guests (I like how they call their customers guests) to see the Chefs at work and begin to savor the food even before eating it. I got to see the Tandoori oven which is at the entrance. This is a traditional clay oven, used in Indian cuisine.

So basically we had a two course meal. For starters we had; Spicy chicken tikki and crumbed king prawns with tamarind, mayo and chili dips. For beverage we had; Lassi (sweetened yoghurt), Fresh watermelon juice, Chapman and water. And lastly our main course was Chicken curry, Meen moilee, Tandoori lamb shoulder and grilled lamb served with an assortment of rice, naan and raita.

Although I did not bag the award of a being a Wakki’s Wow guest, the food was awesome, the portions were bountiful and in short I had a wonderful experience. So if you are looking for somewhere to have New year dinner, try Wakkis and tell me about it.

Below is the picture story:


Standing in front of Wakkis.


Wakkis neon sign.


Chefs working at the Kitchen. One putting skewered meat into the Tandoori oven.


Chef hanging up skewered meat and jacket potato to rest.



Array of meat and side salads.



Back view of Chefs at work



Snuggle pups awaiting their food.



Wakkis ethnic interior.



Our drinks.



Up close and personal.



Crumbed king prawns: half a dozen king prawns marinated in lime and chili, deep fried and served with chili mayonnaise.



Spicy chicken tikki: Curried chicken and potatoes croquette with chili and tamarind chutney. This was my favourite starter.



This was such a hit we quickly cleared the plate. The tamarind chutney (the black stuff) was especially good.



Tandoori lamb shoulder: Whole shoulder of lamb slow cooked with spices and roasted over charcoal accompanied by raita and side salad.



Grilled lamb ribs: ribs marinated in lime, yoghurt and Indian spices, roasted over charcoal and served with Naan bread. This was my favourite main, so tender and tasty.



Pugy ponsy doing press mouth lol.


Chicken curry: Nuggets of chicken in a curried cashew nut sauce served with fluffy basmati rice.


Meen moilee: Fillet of fresh water fish cooked with ginger, tomatoes and coconut cream.



The spread! The End.



5 thoughts on “Food adventure: Dinner @ Wakkis

  1. More “Food adventures” pleeeeeeeease. Lovely, Wakkis ought to invite you to the Chef table, I want to go have a food adventure @ Wakkis, all over again 😉

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