Farm Fresh


Any time I pass the fruit and vegetable section of the market, I wanna swoon with the delightful colours and fragrances. Wuse market’s is the best! I got this fresh selection of veggies and decided to make “bean n veg stir-fry”. Stir-fry is a method of cooking in which the ingredients are cooked in little oil over high heat, for a short time and all the while stirring. The ingredients (in this case, vegetables) are added one at a time, basically done from hardest to softest. The exception to this is aromatics like onion, ginger, garlic, celery etc. which are added first.

This can be rapidly cooled and frozen to serve as a readily available option for one of your “five-a-day”.

Why not try this, served with Jellof Rice and peppered beef. Bon appetite!


What you need:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Onions diced
  • Celery stalk diced
  • Carrots cubed
  • Green beans chopped
  • Green pepper diced
  • Spring onions chopped
  • Knorr cubes
  • Kidney beans drained
  • Image
  • How it’s made:
    • Heat the oil over high heat.
    • Then in the other listed above, add the veggies all the while stirring each for a few seconds.
    • After you add the stock cubes, stir well and turn off the heat before you add the Kidney beans. This is because the beans are already cooked and so as not to break ‘em.
    • Serve with Jellof rice and peppered beef.

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