Fluffy pancakes and Lime sauce with Mantsar drink.



Pancakes aka flapjacks are always delightful for breakfast. Instead of the everyday tea and bread, pancakes are special because they are like a cross between cake and bread, 2 in 1 goodness.

From the scrumptious smell in the pan to the scrummy goodness in your mouth, we all love pancakes. Growing up, I remember Tuesdays were Pancake Day and my mum taught us a song they used to sing in her secondary school. Can’t quite remember the words but it was like,

“Pancake seller, pancake seller,

now is time to fry them.

For today is Sunday,

then tomorrow’s Monday.

Tuesday again is pancake’s day

we dance our cares away.”

There are different kinds of pancakes, from flat pancakes, fluffy pancakes to Crepes Suzette. You could have sweet pancakes or savoury pancakes. They could go with sausages, minced meat, cheese, jam, honey, maple syrup, lemon juice, sugar, vegetables, etc. 



Well I decided to make a yummy breakfast of pancakes and a drink. As seen from the picture, the meal was so colourful from the crockery to the smashing colour of the tomato against the back drop of the Mantsar. I used tomato slices for the garniture because tomatoes (albeit such wonderful berries) have been snubbed so much that when we see tomato, we see plain old stew. Breakfast was a hit; everyone especially liked how the warm lemon sauce went well with the ‘cakes.

The meal was basically fluffy pancakes drizzled with lemon sauce and a drink of mango juice seasoned with tsamiya juice. Mangoes are in season now; they are everywhere in your face and so I decided to put them to good use. You should flaunt them in different ways from juice to smoothies, jam to chutney, salsas to salads. Don’t be left behind.

On the other hand I love the name tsamiya (aka tamarind). Wow! How many times do you get “s” following “t” in a word, it sounds so outlandish and hence I named the drink Mantsar. “Tsami” means sour in Hausa and like the name suggests, tsamiya is real sour but a delightful, flavoursome sour I must say. In addition it has a rich brown colour as you can see from the picture below. 



Instead of making the regular flat pancakes I made them fluffy and raised like Masa (a hausa snack that is eaten with Suya). This you do by carefully separating the egg yolk from the egg whites and then whisking the egg whites till they form a soft peak when the whisk is raised. By the way can anybody teach me how to make Masa, I’ve been searching forever for a comprehensive recipe.

Now to the recipe sorry I didn’t put complete measurements, I basically cooked from the heart *smiles* feel free to do the same:



What you need:




Eggs separated



Vegetable oil

Lime sauce:

½ cup of sugar

1 tablespoon of corn flour

A pinch of salt

1 cup of boiling water

Lime juice (1 big lime)

Rind of 1 big Lime

¾ teaspoon of butter






Tomato slices

How it’s made:


  • Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well.
  • Add the egg yolks, milk and little water to make a thick batter.
  • Whisk the egg whites till it forms a peak when the whisk is raised.
  • Gently fold in the egg whites into the batter so that the air is not lost.
  • Spooning in a little at a time, fry the pancakes with little oil on low heat.
  • Flip when one side is done and cook the other side.
  • Garnish with a slice of lime.

Lime sauce:

  • Mix sugar, corn flour and salt.
  • Slowly add boiling water while stirring. Bring to boil.
  • Reduce heat and cook till thickened and clear say 15 minutes.
  • Stir in lime juice and rind.
  • Add butter.
  • Should be served warm, drizzled over pancakes.


  • Peel the mangoes and cut off the flesh from the seed.
  • Pop the flesh into the blender add a little water and run till very smooth.
  • Sieve to remove the pulp fibers.
  • Wash some tsamiya and place in a pot with water.
  • Boil for about 20 minutes maintaining the level of the water.
  • Sieve this tsamiya juice and add to the mango juice.
  • Sweeten to taste and chill.
  • Pour in a glass and garnish with a pretty slice of tomato.
  • Image

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  1. Hmmmmm it is totally not fair Nwandoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…… Now i’m craving like a preggy!!!! ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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