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Are you thinking healthy and nutritious?

# Frozen food gets ready for its image upgrade

ConAgra is one member of the new Frozen Food Roundtable, along with General Mills, Heinz, Kellogg, and other big manufacturers. They have ordered up a campaign “designed to change the way consumers think and feel about frozen food by promoting

# Raw milk fan? Report shows raw milk food poisonings are increasing

Raw milk may be one of the latest health trends, but it may also be linked to increasing cases of food poisonings. Infections and deaths from campylobacter, which is linked to raw milk, have grown over the last five years, The Associated Press said

# Top gripes about airline food

We’ve all been there. Packed plane. Close quarters. Your seatmate chomping on some god-awful smelling thing they brought on board. But who can blame them, really? Airlines offering food on domestic flights is all but a thing of the past, unless you

# Food book of the week: Skinny weeks & weekend feasts by Gizzi Erskine

This quirky and vivacious book is an attempt to answer the conundrum which every food-lover like her faces: how can I satisfy my appetite and keep control of my weight, without resorting to eating the equivalent of sawdust? Her answer is to avoid

# Food allergy: Constant vigilance the best treatment

Although it may seem that nearly everyone is allergic to certain foods, true food allergies are rare. Roughly five to eight per cent children and one to two per cent adults suffer from food allergies. One of the reasons for this could be that people

# Education key to preventing food safety scandals

BEIJING, April 19 (Xinhua) — The Chinese government on Tuesday vowed to overhaul food safety standards and crack down on illegal food additives in its latest move to improve food safety. In a circular that sets major tasks for food safety in 2013, the

# Food hackathon looks to the future of food technology, colorful food searches

Earlier this month, developers, bloggers and all kinds of food lovers banded together for two straight days (and nights) at 450 Townsend for the Food Hackathon. Created by Matt Wise, Tim West and Wayne Sutton, three of the cofounders of Cosemble, and


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