Food in the News!


# Tinned food can’t replace fresh – but it can be just as good

Can we find ripe tomatoes in the dead of winter? In the words of that most irritating of builders, yes we can. It is Canned Food Week. Last year sales of canned food rose to £2.4bn, with nearly all of us – 99.2%, apparently – buying some kind of food

# USAID Head says changes needed urgently on US food aid programs but …

WASHINGTON — The head of the Obama administration’s international food aid efforts says a proposal to shift the way food is delivered abroad could help an additional 4 million starving people. But there doesn’t appear to be much support for the idea

# EU tests show 1 in 20 beef meals tainted with horse

BRUSSELS — Thousands of DNA tests on European beef products have revealed extensive foodfraud across the European Union, with almost one in 20 meals marketed as beef likely to be tainted with horse, the European Commission said Tuesday.


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