Fruits, juices and veggies!


Tomato ‘n’ bean tango

Note this is not for the faint-hearted; it’s for those who want to eat as healthy and as natural as possible. It has no dressing, no seasoning, no fancy foot work but I assure you it’s high in neat vitamins and minerals. Enjoy.


Green beans



  • Remove the tips of the green beans, wash and then microwave, blanch or boil for a minute or two.
  • Immerse immediately into cold water so as to stop the cooking process and maintain the vibrant green color.
  • Wash tomatoes and cut into chunks as decided.
  • Combine the vegetables in a pretty plate and it’s ready to eat.
  • Image
  • Watermelon juice ‘n’ Tropical salad


    • Banana slices
    • Papaya (paw paw) cubes
    • Pineapple cubes
    • Watermelon cubes (two portions; one for salad and the other for juice)


    • For the salad, combine the above fruits in layers (you can use other tropical fruits available to you).
    • For the juice, put the watermelon cubes in a blender and run till smooth.
    • Sieve, chill and its ready to drink.
    • For extra zing and pazazz, you could lime wedges and sugar.
    • Image
    • Orange juice ‘n’ fruit salad


      • Apple wedges
      • Papaya cubes
      • Oranges


      • For the salad, combine the apple and papaya in layers in a bowl.
      • For the orange juice, you need about 4 to 5 oranges depending on the size of the oranges or your glass.
      • Wash the oranges, cut them cross-wise into two and squeeze them using an orange squeezer. Prior to this, you may peel off the rind using a knife if you are concerned that the zest will enter and give the juice a bitter taste. This is especially necessary if the oranges have thick rind.
      • Sieve the juice and pour into a glass.
      • Enjoy.

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