Food In The News!


# Food Festival Aims To Promote Insect Consumption

Grasshoppers: It’s what’s for dinner. Or at least it could be, if organizers of a food festival to be held next month in London have their way. While they’re not commonly eaten in the West, insects are a nutritious and environmentally friendly part of

# Are Women The Secret Weapon In The Battle For Food Security?

The notion that gender equality can play an important role in reducing hunger and malnutrition has gained increasing traction in development circles. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation claimed in its 2010-11 State of Food and Agriculture report

# Food Security Attainable in Nigeria with Local Resources, Says Don

In the lecture entitled ‘Close to Nature’ the professor of Food Science and Technology said that nature has been tailored to meet the food needs of human beings and therefore the absence of foodsecurity constitutes an aberration from the course of nature.

# 3 Die After Eating Poisoned Food

TRAGEDY befell the Umoro Eziala village in Umuohiagu community of Ngor Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State, when three members of a family died after eating oil beans suspected to have been poisoned.

# Dangers Of The Malicious De-marketing Of Local Food

Ever heard that wheat meal is healthier food than the popular local staple Eba, which is made from the homegrown cassava? Or that Semo, which is prepared from bleached wheat flour, is a lighter meal than pounded yam derived from the popular local West

# Food Allergy Advice For Kids: Don’t Delay Peanuts, Eggs

Infants at risk for food allergies should be gradually introduced to suspect foods to build up tolerance, according to new recommendations from a leading allergy doctor group. WSJ’s Sumathi Reddy joins Lunch Break with a look at the evidence.

# A Decadent Chain Of Food Loss In The Hunger Capital

Food waste may seem like the decadent bad habit of the developed world, but even in Kenya, where millions of people go hungry every day, more food gets produced than is consumed. Developing countries share responsibility with developed nations in

# A Vegetarian Food Tour In Shanghai

Ask any vegetarian who’s been to Asia about the food and they will tell you something along these lines: “I told them I was vegetarian and they offered me chicken” or: “I ordered vegetable noodles and they came with bits of pork in the broth” or even

# The Decline And Fall Of Food: How Our Greatest Fuel Source Became Our…

Ever since the first meal took place, about four billion years ago, probably the most powerful driver of the behaviors of all living things has been the need to find, use, and store energy. Of course, reproduction has always been a concern as well, but


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