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12 Ways to Stop Wasting So Much Food

Despite my best efforts to shop smart and plan meals ahead, I don’t always get to all the food in my fridge before it starts to turn bad. Right now I have tomatoes, zucchini, bananas, and a loaf of bread about a day past prime eating time. But I’m OK

# US Organic-Food Movement Slowly Takes Hold

The Europe-wide horsemeat scandal has raised concerns about safety standards and food quality in industrial countries. In the US, some farmers are practicing what they say is a more ethical alternative to mass production, part of a growing organic food

# Are Junk Food Manufacturers The New Tobacco Companies?

An article published in the New York Times this week examines junk food manufacturers and how their fight for a market share has contributed to the childhood obesity crisis. “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food” looked at over a decade of

Almen Abdi: English Food Boosts Watford Promotion Challenge

ALMEN ABDI says the good food in England has helped him settle — despite being warned British grub was dire. The Switzerland midfielder joined Watford on loan from Udinese in the summer and has acquired a real taste for the Championship. Abdi, 26


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