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Foods such as muesli contain more calories than dieters think, because current labels do not take into account the calories in fibre. Photograph: Corbis

# Food Labeling Underestimating Calorie Content Of Some Foods, Scientists Say

Dieters have been misled by the outdated system for assessing the calorie content of food for decades, according to research that could redefine how people attempt to lose weight. People who eat high-fibre foods such as vegetables and muesli are

# What 200 Calories Actually Looks Like In Food

What 200 Calories Actually Looks Like in Food One of the best things to do if you’re watching your weight is to just be careful of portion sizes. Eating a whole bag of Doritos? Not good for you. Eating a small handful? Less worse! Something even better

# Organic Food May Make Us Less Kind

People who buy organic produce are less likely to help others in need, researchers claim. US psychologist Dr Kendall Eskine explains that this is because using organic products makes people feel more secure about themselves, weakening the urge to act

# Dumpster Diving To Raise Awareness About Food Waste

Think dumpster diving is for hipsters and homeless people? Think again. While people have been rummaging through discards for centuries to find edible food to support themselves and their families, dumpster diving is going increasingly mainstream, and

# Quinoa Year Aims To Ease Food Insecurity And Transform The Global Diet

19 February 2013 – Quinoa, a highly nutritious grain-like crop that has made its entry into the food basket of culinary connoisseurs has been a staple for centuries in South America, among pre-Columbian Andean farming communities from Columbia to

# UN Offers Banquet Of Blemished Food To Highlight Waste

The food was all reject-grade by the standards of European buyers, who sometimes cancel orders after produce has been harvested. The rejected food often rots or is fed to livestock because farmers produce more than local markets can absorb.

# Nestle Finds Horse Meat In Its Packed Food

The levels found are above the 1% threshold the UK’s Food Safety Agency uses to indicate likely adulteration or gross negligence.” It added, “When reports first emerged in the UK about the fraudulent mislabeling of beef, we enhanced testing of our

# Five More Food Websites You Can’t Live Without

This website was born out of the genetic engineering (GE) labeling movement, and provides up to date information about what is going on in the campaign to mandate companies to include GE information on food. The group’s home page provides a link to

# Is Horse In Jelly, Sweets And Sandwiches? Food Watchdogs Widen Their Testing…

Sandwiches, stock cubes and gelatine – which is used in sweets and jelly – will now be tested for horse meat, food watchdogs revealed today. Stewing steak and ready meals that contain “beef” which has not been minced will also be examined for the first

# Mclent? Fish Hits Fast Food Menus For Holidays

If you suspect there’s something fishy going on at your favorite fast-food joint, you’re probably right. The countdown to Easter is on, and that means everyone from McDonald’s to Quiznos is cashing in on the Catholic tradition of skipping red meat in


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