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# Britain Must Rediscover A Healthy Food Culture

The results yesterday of fresh tests carried out by retailers on their ready-meal products showed that the vast majority were clear of contamination, though positive results were found in 29 items already withdrawn from sale and in food sold to schools

# No Toxic Effects From Controversial Food Packet Chemical, Say Experts

A controversial industrial chemical used in food packaging and baby’s bottles that has been linked to a range of human disorders including diabetes and obesity may be an innocent bystander rather than the cause of problems, according to experts

# German Food Scandals

From eggs to horsemeat, a veritable catalog of tainted food has plagued Germany. DW presents a roundup of food scandals affecting the country over the past few years – and some measures politicians and individuals are taking to keep from getting sick.

# 29 Items Test Positive For Horsemeat – Food Standards Agency: Live Coverage

The tests, conducted by the industry and reported to the Food Standards Agency, found 29 positive tests in seven products such as lasagne and meatballs. The FSA said the seven products, such as Findus lasagne, were all already known to the public.



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