Una well done o! Part 4

In this video you’ll see:
• Women packaging amala.
• Women assisting as I cook Egusi soup.
• Stack of firewood.
• Fried chicken tactfully being stolen by my friend/camera woman. Do you still wonder why the meat has to be kept in a strong room? lol.
• “Licking my hand shamelessly” according to my friend.
• Okay, the “do you like the bum bum?” question was uncalled for, rotfl.

In this concluding part of the “Una well done o!” series, you see that it was an interesting adventure and I conclude with a picture of me showing my secret double life: Chef by day and groover by night. If I didn’t know this myself, my bones told me the next morning, lol.



10 thoughts on “Una well done o! Part 4

  1. Hmmm, conspiracy to thief chicken…”Do u like bum bum” how can J be askin Sherie such question? Are u a learner? Hehehe. That was so well documented J…welldone and thank u for being real in ur narrative…I woulda done some chicken thievin meself…the whole video documentary just added style, fun and realness to this blog. You’ve done it again Sherie…always outdoing yaself. Thank you for sharin and well done. At least the blanks hav been filled with these video clips…feels like I was there all thru…

  2. Yeah dancing for days has it’s consequences. The pain was real! You know green does look nice on you… likes it!

    I must say tho, y’all pretended to be cooking but were pilfering chicken! Evidence is real!!! Lol!

  3. I will cherish this ( MOMENT) trip for the rest of my life” Lol………….. anyone remembers rs this line from the classic movie “Coming to America”?

  4. Nwadie, it’s the part where some guy recognizes Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy),Prince of Zamuda and begs to take a photo with him.After which he tells Eddie he will cherish the moment for the rest of his life. Classic Movie!!!

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