Una well done o! Part 1


The up coming videos were done to show communal wedding cooking in Nigeria in an unscripted style involving actual people and actual events. My sweet friends helped me with the videos which were named “Una well done o!” because a lot of this greeting which means “good job” were intermittently said even when the speaker didn’t need to say it.

The event was my best friend’s wedding and friends, family and relatives came together to cook. The actual wedding day cooking was to be handled by professional caterers while for days leading up to the wedding, well-wishers did the cooking.

The communal cooking is a fun time in which women come together to eat much more than cooking along with manifestations of “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Once the food is ready, it has to be packed in warmers and sent to strong rooms where mean and stern people guard the food so that the food is not finished by the well-wishing chefs. If that is done for the food then trust me, you don’t want to know the measures taken to safeguard the meat, lol.

I was caught in the middle of all this as the father of the groom after eating soup I cooked at an event specially requested I cook soups for him; egusi, edikaikong and kpocho (a Tiv bush meat sauce).

On the one hand, some of the women were impressed by a young lady like me cooking with ethnic methods while some made it a point of duty to tell me all the things I was doing wrong. One even judged me instantly and said that since I didn’t use her method, my soup was not going to be good. All that drama…smh, just kept me entertained…lol.

Anyway I’m not bragging (just as one of my university professors used to say just before he went on a bragging spree) but it seems my soups were nice as the lady in question in addition to other women rushed the food once it was ready all in the name of tasting. So much so that I had to get help in order to retrieve the soups from the war zone and convey them safely to the strong rooms, hehehe.

By the end of the day there were no hard feelings and I would readily cook with these respectable women again if I had the chance. It was fun, they helped me and I helped them. I learnt stuff from them and they learnt from me. Guess that’s what community is all about.

Next come the videos.

To be continued…


10 thoughts on “Una well done o! Part 1

    • This blog’s brought so much Joy…aint it? Aside other tins, I really can feel love n friendship ooozing from this blog…Nwando, flesh and blood did not…welldone.
      Gracie, tis great fun having u as a blogist…u make dis blog so much fun…tis just like having Karla runin around the house in all her grandeur(permit me spellin, I wan speak small hinglish*wink*).

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