Sauce of Happiness


You know, yesterday after a long day at the salon, my friend (let’s call him Mr Broccoli) was sweet enough to invite me over for lunch. And guess what he made for me? “Sauce of happiness”, aptly named by his cousin (let’s call him Onceler). And Onceler who apparently is so cool in naming thereby christened Mr Broccoli “Sauce kid” for making such a delicious sauce.

Anyways we had it with rice and it was nice, so here’s a mock recipe:

Sauce of happiness and long grain rice:


All you have to do is make a stir-fry sauce with gizzard, carrots, green pepper, attaragu (scotch bonnnet peppers), tatashe (red bell peppers), green beans and onions. Season with garlic and knorr cubes and your sauce is ready. Serve on a bed of  fluffy long grain rice. Bon appetit : )



9 thoughts on “Sauce of Happiness

  1. This is very nice. It looks like something you eat and wont want to brush ya teeth!!!!so the taste lingerssssssssssssssssssss. Heheheheheh sunny me ma cook and invite me ohhhhhh. but of course with nwando’s permission. * wink wink winksesssssssssss*

    • You are far too kind Gracie…I’m lookin forward to hookin all that were present in KD for the event of the decade up with “a taste of happiness” very soon. Keep yo ears to ground Gracie, the foodventure will be goin down soon…that’s what’s up.

  2. Mr.Broccoli is officially my ‘coolest person for the month.’ If the “Sauce of Happiness” tastes as good as it looks, then i’ll be looking forward to a plate, pretty soon 😉

    • I speak on behalf of Mr Broccoli, he said to tell you Mr Kris he’ll be honoured to hook you and your Mrs up with a variety of sauces in the nearest future. He said the great food Ambassador, Her Exellency, Dr Nwando will give you details when it’ll be going down.
      Mr Broccoli hopes to be way up on your chat in coming months after you have encountered sauce of happiness vol. 1 to 6.

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