News flash

#The world has enough food so why do 870 million people go hungry?

Backed by the Archbishop and Bill Gates, the IF campaign – slogan, Enough Food for Everyone IF – launches tonight at Somerset House in Central London with a giant projection on its walls. As part of the 12-minute spectacle, which will also include

# Royal Galaxy donates food, clothing to SOS, hospital

In Nigeria, an Ijebu socio-philantropic organisation has reached out to the SOS children’s village and a public hospital with electronic gadgets, food items and household materials worth millions of naira…

#Zoo to run out of food in 48 hours threatening animals with starvation as…

Hundreds of exotic animals at Naples zoo are facing starvation, as keepers declare a state of emergency with food supplies set to run out in 48 hours. Zoo keepers at the compound in the southern Italian city, said within two days hay, fruit and all

# Is our food shrinking?

Things aren’t what they used to be. Chocolate bars have shrunk, yogurts are not as creamy as in days of old – even our beefburgers now have an extra kick of hidden horsemeat. And it seems that when we hit the shops these days our wallets end up lighter


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