Sights and tastes of Lagos: Iya Basira tinz. Part 2.

On the fateful day, despite ill health I set out on my journey with two friends (I must say here that I am so grateful to them, they made it fun and possible). The initial target location was Obalende on the Island but since I was ill we opted for two joints which were closer home to Surulere since that was where we were putting up. The first was “Amala Shita” in Surulere and the second was “White house” in Sabo, Yaba.

What follows next is a picture story but I must just say here that mmm! mmm! mmm! that day I had the best amala and abula of my existence courtesy of “Amala Shitta” in Surulere. Image

One of my companions as we got ready to set out. He was really helpful taking pictures undercover and chaperoning.


My second companion taking a picture of herself on duty can you imagine! Lol. Anyway she did a good job and was the one who took the picture of me eating the best Amala in the world.


Yours truly feeling cute.


Just had to add this picture; I heard that because commercial bikes in Lagos have been banned, an increasing number of young people have resorted to using roller blades. Looks cool though.


The positive assault of my senses start. I present to you stewed snails surrounded by other meaty treats.Image

The green soup in the center is Ewedu surrounded by other Amala accessories. Please, please, please, ignore the stains of the surrounding surfaces and just focus on the vision of the food. That will give you much peace.


Here the spotlight is on Gbegiri aka Bean soup. It’s a creamy yellow soup made from black eyed beans. Ehn… sorry I don’t know what the black soup on the left is, but don’t be deceived by appearances, Nigerian ethnic meals may not look good but they sure taste good. On a closer look, I can see it’s Efo riro, damn! I can’t believe I forgot to eat that.


The people here are evidence that the food sure tastes good. I watch and learn. I see that ordering is by pointing.


I’m learning fast, I do likewise. The server misunderstood my choice and in a hasty attempt to correct the mistake, I almost stab my choice piece with my finger, lol. This is assorted meat (mixed offal and meat) in Obe ata.


Here I eat the tastiest amala and abula (ewedu, gbegiri and obe ata) I have ever eaten! Get this, I don’t eat with my hands outside my house but this was worth every hand licking step of the way. The amala had this pleasant bitter-sweet taste while the obe ata was deliciously piquant. Kudos to Amala Shita of Surulere, Lagos state.


We are on a queue at joint 2; White house. It’s long but when you want something good you have to be patient.


Cross-section of the gifted hands that toil night and day to sate our desires.


Greedy boy at one o’clock rme (rolling my eyes). I wonder why he can’t wait for the plantain to be removed from the pan. See his eyes, lol.


My friends said they were full from the food they ate in the previous joint and decide to share a plate of meat.


I on the other hand was determined to eat more so I had white rice and red stew etc. Let me not lie, the beans was awful, it was hard like roasted peanuts disguised as beans, lol. However the plantain was something else, no wonder the “greedy boy at one o’clock” couldn’t resist. Hehehe.


13 thoughts on “Sights and tastes of Lagos: Iya Basira tinz. Part 2.

  1. Nwando, Nwando…how many times did I call you? You’ve done a good job again taking us along in your “Gidi Foodventures”. Why have u decided to talk about my favourite meal”beans” that way….hmmmm! You will hear from my lawers…anyways back to important matters, I understand you’ll be making a trip soon, I hope you get to share some more foodie sights on your blog.
    P.S Those snails shouldn’t get me started oh *wink*

  2. Amala and ewedu …*licks mouth*…
    Nwando why did I read early in the morn! I stay in lekki axis so this is quite far for me till weekend. To cut long story short, I must go there!!! Pls where precisely in surelere? And white house in yaba nko? There’s this calabar food(trust them na) near my office,at VGC ikota shopping time ure in lag its on me..
    Now I hav to eat amala and ewedu after seeing those sumptuos meals and like u said look at the food not d droppings by d side as long as I see they hav a good source of water. For me I make sure the food is hot or they usually microwave it. And blv me, its even in the classy restaurant that cut corners.there’s one in lekki phase 1, pls never eat there.
    Nice job!! Welldone.

    • Sorry dear, didnt mean to get you all hungry, lol. The Amala joint is called ” Amala Shita” and it is in Shita in Surulere while the White House is in Sabo in Yaba.
      Thanks for the tip about microwave, that way it can serve to “disinfect” the food. Another tip for me is that I never eat salads outside except it’s in a very clean restaurant because salads are not cooked and so serve as a very good vehicle for food poisoning.
      Thanks for the offer, will definately hook up with you when next I’m in the big city.

  3. Chio!!!!! Chio!!!! Chio, this is fantabulous!!!! I love it when I see such passion in display!!! it’s very Inspiring you can almost touch it. Nwando i’m in awe of your blog, and i mean it oh. Not kidding sam sam lol…… That combo called Amala and Ewedu na serious something ohhhh……… i can just feel the smooth flow of a morsel of amala coated with a generous quantity of ewedu loving captured by my mouth, sliding into my throat and settling graciously into my cute rounded belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh 🙂
    Keep it up dearie

    • Teeheehee. Gracie, vivid description, you should guest blog one of these days, lovely. You know, one of the things I love about amala and ewedu is the colour. I love the rich brown colour of the amala and the lively green of the ewedu. Only Wheat and Miyan Kuka in Nigerian cuisine come close.

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