Sights and tastes of Lagos: Iya Basira tinz. Part 1


It’s time for me to leave Lagos, I came about a month and half ago and have enjoyed most of my time in the wild but charming, fascinating and charismatic City. Anyways so I decide (in addition to my friend Moyo’s suggestion) to visit some local joints, take pictures, eat the food and blog about it (ain’t I the best, bringing the ethnic tastes of Lagos into your homes).

So I had big dreams of scouring Lagos for its ethnic and roadside foods, you know (in Chi gurl’s Igbo accent) things like Agege bread with its attending margarine or mayonnaise; fried yam, sweet potato, plantain, akara, puff puff and buns; fried meats like chicken, turkey and pork etc. However because I fell ill and in addition to financial constraints, I couldn’t go the whole nine yards. I actually did what I could while feeling feverish.

Leaving the pity party behind, my inspiration for this food excursion came from two incidents. First was “The day of the golden red turkey”.

My bestie and I had had a long day as we had done both window shopping and job interviews in the same day (what a combo!). Incidentally we are both Vets who have passions outside Animal medicine, I in cooking and she in fashion design. But you know how it is when brokenness hits you hard and you abandon your dreams and look for someone to employ you. Anyway, the day didn’t turn out as I had hoped; the employers bursted out laughing when I told them what I wanted to be paid and said I wasn’t realistic. So on the long journey home, my friend who was a meat freak (her mum once caught her eating raw meat when she was a toddler) spotted some fried turkey by the roadside. Mon Dieu! these fried turkey wings were golden red, I know you’ve been told that fried foods should be golden brown but get this, these turkey wings had a golden red color and it was beautiful, like something on an Indian bride’s wedding gown! Thankfully I got a very good bargain because I spoke to the seller in his native tongue (Hausa). We then sat down at a bus stop to do justice to the wings. They were so tasty that we didn’t care who was looking. As we savored our treasure, passersby laughed at us; two fine chics, tugging on turkey bones, but did we care? No, instead we laughed back. It was a nice experience.

The second incident was when I went to Balogun market and saw this tempting road side joint. Picture this I was hustling through the market with my in-law and a market guide, when they unknowingly left me behind because I was ogling at food (smh). We had just come through a market aisle when my nose was greeted by umami smells. When we rounded the corner, we came upon a joint being catered by an ample woman (I don’t know why these Iya Bas women are abundant in size, lol). She was giving animated instructions to her girls to serve the customers. Little did I know that my companions had gone ahead of me while I slowed my pace and was lusting after the food (I was fasting and so couldn’t patronize, I could look but I couldn’t touch). Picture this, there was a gigantic bowl of properly stewed Jellof rice with carrot and green beans positioned seductively on top; juicy, thick diagonal slices of ripe plantain sizzling in hot oil; golden red fried chicken and turkey pieces; very red stew which exhibited a traffic jam of generous cuts of assorted meat and happy patrons joyfully eating away the stress of the day. Need I say more? I left there inspired and vowed there and then to go on a food excursion, camera in hand, hunger in my belly and with a smooth talking friend because I was shy of taking pictures alone.

To be continued…


14 thoughts on “Sights and tastes of Lagos: Iya Basira tinz. Part 1

  1. Hi,Nwando. When I saw lagos on ur title,I had to go thru. Ur bit was very interesting and I too like food things. I live in lagos and there’s a place in balogun mkt.oke arin to be precise “they have the best rice and stew in lagos”according to a customer of mine and blv me bcos I coz I love my Food adventures I sit in her shop and make the order.hmmmm..the pomo with dis rice is sth else.its d only pomo I crave for. (My husband is alwys like” don’t eat that xcept from 3star restaurant…. If am salivating from inside the car when passing by mama put”,for where!,I don chop finish when I go out alone, as long as there’s no mede mede near d place)Anyways next time ure in lasgidis also try yellow chilli at v/i or there’s this place in my area that make hot, I mean “hot” barbeque chicken. Nice concept and will be reading ur blog alwys. Best of luck.

    • Asmau Alti!!! Oh my goodness, nice to hear from you. This one has passed kwana biu. Your comment was the first I saw when I woke up and it has left me ecstatic ever since. One coz I havent heard from you since we left school and two coz you’re a foodie like me.I will most def try out the joints you suggested when next I’m in Lasgidi. Hope you and your family are doing fine. Cheers. And thanks for following my blog. I’m putting up part 2 soon.

  2. I’ve always wanted to travel and experience local cuisines… #ThailandFirst! Whenever I visit a new restaurant, I always sample something new… Calf cheeks anyone? Lol!

    Get a piggy bank and start saving for the for the trip! Foodies Anonymous… Junkies and proud! Can I come tho? xxx

  3. wow wat a way to catch up with old friendz. hello nwando nice blog. didnt knw u were into this. nice piece and very refreshing to know. @ asmau alti, lol @ ur own long throat. how fun will be be to hav tht kind of outing with old school friendz. nice piece nwando. will mosdef keep readings u bloqs. kudoz

    • Mambell! what a lovely surprise, first it was Asalti, now it’s you. This is too much for me, lol. Thanks so much for the compliments and you know hanging out with school friends like that would be so fun. Lovely outfit I must say and please keep reading : )

  4. La voltic and Ferous should pay up oh…tis called endorsement. No freebies oh…Nwando take note please. I’m waiting for the second installment. Weldone.

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