Aunty Annie’s meatpie


I’m so excited to be making my first blog entry in my sister’s blog! I’m such a foodie, we’re both foodies and I make no apologies for how much I love food. Like absolutely none… So #Don’tJudgeMe

I love cooking and baking and can literally spend all day in the kitchen. The festive season has got me clapping my hands in utter glee! I only need to think up what I feel like cooking and I’m done in a flash. I’ll talk about efficient ways to prepare meals at a later stage. This entry is dedicated to probably my most nostalgic childhood kitchen moment…


It was like a no-brainer in our house… Circa late ’80s. We went for swimming lessons (well my older sibs did, I generally splashed around the kid’s pool) every Friday and when we got back, my mum had some freshly baked Meatpie waiting for us. It was such a warming and mouth watering aroma that filled the house. Todally nostalgic.

So you know I had to master my mum’s recipe and I’ve been baking them for the festive household in Manchy. This batch I baked last night… finished just before midnight and they were delish!

The recipe is so simple… You’ll need:

Short Crust Pastry (the easiest pastry to make!)
Fresh pepper (if you like a bit of kick)
Oil (go healthier and use olive oil)
One egg (well beaten)

Sauté your mince and set aside. Then fry (or sweat) your onions, add the mince and stir for about two minutes. Now add your carrots for another two minutes and your potatoes last for about a minute. The key is not to overcook your meat and vegetables, so they don’t get all mushy in the oven.

Set your filling to cool and then roll out your pastry. You can pre-heat your oven at this stage at 180 degrees. Spoon your filling in the centre of your pastry and cover. You’ll use a knife to cut a half-moon shape and seal the edges by using a fork to press down. Pierce the top a few times to allow steam escape and the filling to cook properly.

Before you put your pies in the oven, brush them with some egg. This is called glazing and gives the pies their golden brown sheen when they are baked. You’ll need to do this again after about 20 mins (mummy says). Total time in the oven is about 35-40 mins.

I love the crust. Especially when it’s freshly out of the oven and extra crisp!!!

*Extra Extra*
Try adding more vegetables and see how it turns out. We made a batch with added sweet peppers and it was just as scrumptious. Or maybe that was just my culinary whiz 😉

Until next time… Eat Good and Eat Healthy!!!

Aunty Annie x


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