Top 12 chops of 2012

As I walked down food lane, I looked back at the top “chops” of 2012, i.e. the cool foods and drinks on high demand  for people hanging out or at a party. I didn’t do a survey but here’s what I gathered from personal experience, friends and basically not minding my own business when it comes to food.

#12 Rice and Chicken



Nothing can beat this meal of rice and chicken. It’s a dependable old timer you can always count on especially when you are on a hungry date or on a date that you don’t have much to say so you can pass time by stuffing your face with food. However it’s time to say bye to the old and hello to the new.

#11 Suya and masa


For those of you who don’t know this exotic sounding food, suya is very spicy meat barbecued on skewers while masa is essentially a rice pancake. It’s indigenous to northern Nigeria and I must say it’s an ideal combo. Consider the fusion of the deliciously spiced meat and the fluffy texture of the masa in your mouth…hmmm, food heaven and I live you with this thought.

#10 Burger


There is just something about bread and meat, that’s why burger is such a huge success. It’s a hit meal. There are different kind of burgers out there but I must say that in my opinion, the best burger is the one with beef patties, fresh (not limp) vegetables and lots of dressing.

#9 Salad



Whether it’s vegetable salad and chicken, fruit salad or just salad and water, this is a healthy meal option which makes you look so modern and cool when you order it. I remember this day I ordered salad, chicken and water in a restaurant and a chubby lady walked up to me and complimented my figure while saying its no wonder with what I ordered and that she was feeling guilty because she had be stuffing herself with calories. Anyways, little did she know that I had also ordered a burrito which was in my bag for later lol.

#8 Ice cream



In hot weather, ice cream is just a life saver. God bless the person who invented it (please pause for some seconds to salute that genius). Whether as a dessert or a snack, ice cream cools, sweetens and pampers your soul with creamy delight. So I totally recommend it for dates, parties or even when you are down in the dumps and need some soul food.

#7 Popcorn and soda


The proverbial movie snack, no wonder it has stood the test of time. If you are wondering, try eating rice and chicken while watching a movie and you will understand. There’s salted, sugar, mixed, caramel, chocolate, etc. popcorn and any kind of soda you want. Just make sure you get to the venue on time when these come free with the movie ticket if not you’ll be stuck on the long queue while the movie has started (okay that last bit of info sounded boring but just wanted something more to say, smiles).

#6 Chicken and chips


Just look at it… golden chips, golden brown chicken and red ketchup, what more could you want in life, smhh (shaking my hungry head). An uncomplicated meal which my friend fondly calls “yicken and yips” requires nothing from you except that you eat it. Need I say more, once again I present you at #6, chicken and chips. Thank you.

#5 All things coffee



These are the lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, etc. These are fast becoming the hip drinks to order in these parts. Although I still don’t know why people will want these in the tropics but hey! whatever works for you, I’m all for having what you enjoy. With exotic sounding names like these which play around in your mouth it’s no wonder why they are a hit (power of a cool name). Have them with sandwiches, cookies and what have you, it’s always a heart-warming performance.

#4 Shawarma



OMG! Mon Dieu! this to me is the bestest snack in the whole wide world. It is my best snack ever so you can imagine how elated I felt when Iron man mentioned it in The Avengers and I love the way he pronounced it (shworma). For me the excitement starts when I see the chicken on the grill, I get giddy with glee and then when I start eating, the tasty mushiness simply makes me happy. However this might not be a good date food for someone you are shy off because it’s demolition tends to be a messy affair. Please take note.

#3 Pizza



Po po pa please (stuttering) just look at the colors, see the stringiness of the cheese, what does that spell? P-I-Z-Z-A! I told you before that bread, meat and veggies are always a hit. That’s what pizza, burgers, shawarma and sandwiches basically have in common. Kudos to the Italians, they’ve held the world ransom with this tasty, gooey experience.

#2 Smoothies



This is the li’l sister of ice cream and the big brova of milk shake. There’s a big smoothie buzz around now. You could easily make it yourself at home. All you need is a blender, base and fruit. You could use any fruit but I especially recommend the mushy ones like banana, kiwi, mango, papaya or nectarines. Then your base could be milk, yogurt, ice cream or fruit juice (all ice cold). Toss it all into the blender, grind and then pour into a tall elegant glass. Pop in your straw and enjoy to your hearts delight.

#1 Samosa and spring rolls



At number 1! we have samosa which is originally Indian and spring rolls which are of Chinese descent. They are perfect “small chops” for parties and you can almost have an unending supply because they are basically bought frozen from supermarkets. All you have to do is fry them to golden crispiness. They especially go well with chilli dips, a recipe taught to me by my dear friend Scarlett (sweet chilli) and remixed by my hip sister Wura (sweet and sour chilli). For staying with me to the end of this long countdown I’ll tell you how to make ’em.

For the sweet chilli you grind alot of hot chilli (“rodo/attaragu”) with very little onion and boil till it’s dry. Add some vegetable oil and fry dry. Then add knorr cubes (no curry and thyme) to taste and finally a lot of strawberry jam. Heat a wee while and it’s ready. For sweet and sour chilli, after the jam you add vinegar for that extra zing and your relish is ready.

PS: the dip gets better with age when kept in the fridge.


8 thoughts on “Top 12 chops of 2012

  1. Yeah i totally agree with you on the top small chops of 2012. . . . . samosa and spring rolls everywhere from hip cafes to earthy gardens everyone seemed to be on a samosa diet last year. Don’t even get me started on the smoothies and popcorn smhia (shaking my head in amazement). Ohhh!! Then coffee! Nothing says exotic like ordering a double espresso in a husky sophisticated voice, so yeah, your top 12 small chops for 2012 is on point. I’d like to add that ‘hipsters’ especially love cappuccino and anything with alcohol in it (which you left out). Looking for ward to 2013

  2. I’m not happy…….. how could you omit Gala!!! That wonderful life saver…. hahahahahahaha. Just kidding, but i bet it would make the top 10 street side/ motor park snack of 2012 🙂 Anyways, Lovely post again, keep it up.

    Cool Avengers reference too…….

    • Ouch! how could I forget my beloved gala too. But you know Lagos has made me hate gala because it’s everywhere in your face. however if I get around to doing top ten street snacks, gala is a definite yes, yes. Gracias.

  3. All things coffee all day, every day! Hmmm then add some shawarma, spring rolls and whiskey. It is criminal you did not add any alcohol! I think I should promote the beauty of bourbon in 2013. No…? Does it say AA too much? Naaaa…LOL!

  4. I know, I know, the alcohol oversight is gross but remember to drink with caution especially you Aunty Annie, I’m watching you…I know what you drank last summer…Muhahaha! (maniacal laughter)

  5. Though this is coming quite late, the suya n masa was a timely inspiration…I remember that was what I had for dinner the day the Top 12 chops of 2012 was posted. Sorry I forgot to take pictures…

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