Farfalle (bow-shaped pasta)

Farfalle (bow-shaped pasta)

Why not try cooking by separation. Like here is a picture of a pasta meal and you don’t have the recipe but you can zoom in on the picture, try and separate the ingredients one by one and then you’ll know what you need to use.
So…try that yea, and if your stuck I’ll tell you what I use.


5 thoughts on “Farfalle (bow-shaped pasta)

  1. I see veg, pasta, bacon and did I catch some grated ginger? Olive oil…? Looks like a quick and easy meal that is sure to impress!

  2. @aunty anne, I almost missed the grated ingredient, it could be cheese (grated on after cooking, pls be cheese I don’t like ginger that much) i’ll cook this soon but will definitely not be adding any grated ginger.

  3. Yup, you guys are on the right track. It’s basically peas, green beans, sweetcorn, carrot, green pepper and bacon. For the invisible ingredients that can’t be seen by sight separation but by tasting separation,you can use as you please. For example use the oil of your choice, add ginger or cheese as you please, etc. However by sight separation you can see that the farfalle does not have a red or yellow hue so do not add tomato/chilli puree or curry. If you want it hot, then white pepper will do.

    • Oh! come off it Kenery! you really have to outgrow your obsession with gala. If nobody will tell you, I will tell you. Lolllllzzzz.
      But anyway maybe you could try cooking your pasta with gala meat, you never know, it might just turn out nice……

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