Festive things

Sleigh bells ring

Sleigh bells ringHappy holidays

Happy holidays

In this yuletide season, try something new… I mean food wise especially. Have faith that the new food you eat will do you good. Today instead of the normal pies or hot dogs at a fast food restaurant, I had a burrito and whaddaya know? It wasn’t as nice as it looks on The food network but at least I can now boast of having eaten one, yippee! So try some new food this season and tell me about it.
I watched “The life of PI” today in 3D and I totally recommend it.
As always I’m foodfully yours.


6 thoughts on “Festive things

  1. Luv the thought of trying something new, especially with all things food 🙂
    P.S i think burritos ROCK, as long as their done right 🙂

  2. Thanks for your encouragement to try something new for the festive season. i’m going to do a Christmas barbecue “come-chop” for the FIRST time. It would be a “foodilous” hang out.


  3. I tried a new stuffing for my Christmas roast chicken and everyone loved it! You know I’ll stalk your blog like daily now! Yay! Welcome baby… proud of you! xxx

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