Pretty food

Yippee! I finally started my blog . It’s been long and hard coming (true, sad story) but finally it’s here.

I am doing this because I BELIEVE FOOD SHOULD BE PRETTY AND GOOD!!! So it does really hurt me personally when peeps just cook and plate food anyhow. Extra effort should be put into making sure the food is tasty, healthy and prettily garnished. You know the eyes have to eat first.

Anyways please stick with my blog if you want to have the skills of pgfs (pretty and good foods) at your fingertips ; )

Following are some pgfs  to inspire you. Happy viewing.


10 thoughts on “Pretty food

  1. Tis about time u birth dis blog…weldone, expectin periodic hot stuff from this blog…this is just the begining…keep soaring Doc!!

    • You know according to the critic in the movie Ratatouille, “whatever I don’t like, I don’t swallow” LOL. I totally agree with you. I also eat with with all my senses starting with my eyes.

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